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Department of Economic History

Knut-Erland Berglund

Ph.D. Student

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Present position

Ph.D student

Research Interests

The title of my PhD project is “The long term development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Swedish Big Business”. In the public eye the development of CSR in Sweden is a fairly recent phenomenon which dates back to the late 1990s. According to my working title my endeavour is to trace the recent development to an earlier date, to be more specific I believe this development to be a post war process which we are dealing with. My attempt is to trace the embedding of post war norms in the organization of the Swedish Big Businesses during period of the Swedish Model and after the liberalization of the economy, to see where from the norms can be traced. In an international and national concern the Swedish Model is believed to stand for a high regard for work peace, cooperation and work ethics.

If we think of CSR as being what one ethically says and what one does, hence printing and displaying CSR reports and actually dealing with supply chain management, there is a natural division in my work with CSR: The Licentiate thesis will deal with the corporate rhetoric emanating from the CSR and sustainability reports from the late 1990s until today, while the PhD thesis will focus on the long term development, from 1945 until today, of what corporations actually have done in their CSR activities.

As for my other research interests I have done an array of different things; such as looking at the empowerment of women from microfinance activities in India, writing reports on South East Asian Business History, dealt with the eighteen century Iron trading burghers in the city of Arboga, Sweden and looked at the globalization tendencies in the 18th century Swedish bar-iron market.

Research Projects

2008 The long term development of Corporate Social Responsibility in Swedish Big Business

Selected Publications

Book reviews

Berglund, Knut-Erland, Making Corporate Social Responsibility an International Concern – Norm Construction in a Globalizing World. Scandinavian Economic History Review, vol. 57 Issue 3, November 2009, p. 306-307.

Selected Conference papers

“The long term development of Corporate Social Responsibility in Swedish Big Business” 2009 Italy. Paper presented at the Oxford Journals Colloquium at the BHC/EBHA conference. Milan, June 2009.

 “The long term development of Corporate Social Responsibility in Swedish Big Business” 2009 Greece. Paper presented at the ATINER conference. Athens, August 2009.



2008-04-01 Accepted as doctoral student at the Department of Economic-History, Uppsala University

2001 – 2008 Undergraduate education, Courses in Economic-History, Human Geography, Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Business, Statistics and Philosophy. Swedish University credits: 383.

Academic positions, Appointments and Networks:

Cordinator of MFS (Minor Field Study) scholarships – a SIDA financed student grant scheme.

Researcher of Uppsala Centre for Business History – UCBH http://www.ekhist.uu.se/ucbh/berglund.htm

Researcher of The Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Research Group – CEBERG http://www.fek.uu.se/forskning/index.asp?page=CEBERG


In January 2010 I received the Värmland’s nation travelling scholarship (Uddeholms resestipendium) for travelling to the University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

During the summer of 2009 I received a scholarship from the Uppsala Oxford programme to visit the Faculty of History at the University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, during the Hilary term in 2010.

In May 2009 I received the Värmland’s nation travelling scholarship (Uddeholms resestipendium) for travelling to the ATINER conference in Athens, Greece.

In May 2009 I received the BHC/EBHA Doctoral colloquium scholarship to take part of the Oxford Journals colloquium at the BHC/EBHA conference in Milan, Italy.

Undergraduate work


Berglund, Knut-Erland. (2007) The effect of Microfinance on the Empowerment of Women and its Societal Consequences: A study of Self-Help-Group members in Andhra Pradesh.

Berglund, Knut-Erland. (2006) Järnhandel och eliter i Arboga, år 1769-1775.

Berglund, Knut-Erland. (2004) Stångjärn och marknadsintegration: En studie av den svenska stångjärnsprisutvecklingen under 1700-talet, i syfte att kartlägga en eventuell globaliseringstendens.

Articles and Open lectures:

”Bara pengar löser inte fattigdomen”, (”Only Money does not solve Poverty” – Article) Debatt, Uppsala Nya Tidning, 2007.

”Mikrokrediter och dess betydelse för utveckling och självbestämmande ur ett genusperspektiv”, (”Micro finance and its importance for the emporment of women through a gender perspective” - Lecture) Årsmöte för Kakbank – Småkakor och Mikrokrediter, Uppsala stadsteater 2008.

Exchanges and Field work:

December 2006 – February 2007: Field-work in Andhra Pradesh, India. Honours-thesis. Sponsored by Swedish Development Agency for Aid (SIDA) within the framework of a Minor-Field-Study- scholarship.

July 2006: University of Hyderabad, exchange student, Andhra Pradesh, India. Courses in History, Economics, Cultural Studies and Political Science.

July. 2004 – June 2005: National University of Singapore, exchange student Singapore. Courses in Economics, Human Geography, Economic-History, History, Sociology and Philosophy.


In April 2007 I received the Värmland’s nation travelling scholarship (Uddeholms resestipendium.)

In October 2006 I received the SIDA’s Minor-Field-Study stipendium. For conducting field work in Andrah Pradesh, India.  

In May 2006 I received the Värmland’s nation scholarship Jonas Wahlströms minnesfond.

In March 2004 I received the Värmland’s nation scholarship Uddeholms mindre stipendium.

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