Organisation and board

As at all other departments at Uppsala University, the Head of the Department or the Departmental Board do all formal decision making. Decisions regarding education is delegated to the three Directors of Study for undergraduate, advanced and postgraduate studies. One of the Departments professors is designated Head of Research. Other major decisions are prepared by collegial bodies, such as the Management team (consisting of the Head of Department, the Directors of Study, the Head of Research and the administrative staff), the Committee of professors , the Committee of supervisors, the Graduate Education Board, the PhD student Association and the Equal opportunities/ Working Environment Group. The Department also has a Safety Officer, an Equal Rights Officer, an Environmental Officer and a Fire Safety Officer.

the departmental board

Head of Department and Chairman
Fredrik Sandgren

Lars Fälting, Ylva Hasselberg, Henric Häggqvist, Nikolas Glover
Deputies: Therese Nordlund Edvinsson, Peter Hedberg

Administrative staff
Petra Millbert
Deputy: Jenny Björkegård (secretary)

Klara van Blaricum (undergraduate), Vacant (master), Jonatan Andersson (PhD)
Deputy: Arvand Mirsafian (PhD), Simon Hallberg (PhD)

Co-opted members
Anders Ögren (Head of Research), Kristina Lilja (Director of PhD Studies), Maria Bengtsson (HR generalist)


Equal Rights Officer - 

Environmental Officer  - Lars Karlsson 

Safety Officer - Olle Jansson

Fire Safety Officer - Petra Millbert

PhD Students Association - Jonatan Andersson

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