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University Main BuildingUppsala University is the oldest university in Sweden, founded in 1477, with more than 40,000 students where a living cultural heritage frames a fantastic student life. Uppsala University has been among the 100 best universities in the world in the three largest international rankings. The Department of Economic History is a small yet research-rich department, delving into a very unique subject matter: economic history. Our department investigates economic phenomena from an historical perspective. This can mean anything from agricultural production in the 1700s to the modern evolution of welfare states. Explore our current research projects and see what economic history can offer you during your exchange studies, in addition to the rich student life at Uppsala University.

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Incoming Exchange students

If your home university has a departmental Erasmus exchange agreement with the Department of Economic History at Uppsala University, you can apply to the Uppsala University courses that are taught in English. If you can show you understand Swedish at a specific level, you may be eligible to attend courses taught in Swedish.


Your home university coordinator or international office will submit your nomination to study in Uppsala to the Erasmus coordinator at the Department of Economic History. After your nomination has been received, you will need to submit your application directly to the Erasmus coordinator at this department after your home coordinator has signed it.

The application deadline to study in the autumn term is always April 15. The deadline for the spring term is always October 15. Depending on the type of agreement your university has with the department, you can choose to study one term or two terms.

On your application, you will need to include all of your current transcripts, course selections, and other information. It is recommended that your transcripts be in English.

If you have a disability, you should note this information on the application. Uppsala University welcomes all students and can provide extensive academic support.
Academic support


The department offer four courses in Economic History at undergraduate level for exchange students. All courses taught in English. In order to study at Uppsala, you must have a very good knowledge of English.
Erasmus language assessment

A full semester of courses at Uppsala University is made up of 30 ECTS. To study here, you need to take a minimum of 22.5 ECTS. Check with your home coordinator about how these credits will translate for your specific degree.

Our courses in Economic History are: Why Some Countries are Rich: an Economic History of the World (7.5 ECTS); Sweden’s Economic and Social Development in the 19th and 20th Centuries (7.5 ECTS); Essay Writing (7.5 ECTS); and Research Paper in Economic History (15 ECTS). You cannot take both Essay Writing and Research Paper, as they are offered at the same time.
Course descriptions

You may also choose from courses offered at other departments throughout the university. When you fill out your application, remember to select reserve courses, in addition to the ones you wish to take. Some departments have specific prerequisites so you may not be able to read some of your initial course choices.
UU courses for exchange students

Learning Swedish

All exchange students have a chance to take a course in Basic Swedish (7.5 ECTS) for free. It is a part-time course, designed to be taken parallel to your regular studies in the late afternoons and evenings. The course is attended by other international students so you will get a chance to meet people from all over the world. You will get information about the course upon your arrival. You will need to apply to the course yourself. 

If you are studying in the autumn semester or for a full year, you have a chance to study an Intensive Basic Swedish course (7.5 ECTS) in the month of August. The four-week course starts August 1, but has limited space. If you are interested in taking the course, see more information from the Department of Scandinavian Languages. 

Dept of Scandinavian Languages

Before arrival

Once your application has been submitted and your courses have been approved, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance and a Certificate of Acceptance. For studying in the autumn term, these will be sent out in late May or early June. For studying only in the spring semester, the letters will be sent in November. It is important that you have a working email address to receive these. The minimum funds required to stay in Sweden is currently 8,010 SEK per month. You should meet these financial requirements.

Residence permit / Visa

Students from a non-European Union (EU) or non-European Economic Area (EEA) country require a residence permit in order to study in Sweden for longer than 3 months. Apply from the Swedish Migration Agency as soon as you receive your Letter and Certificate of Acceptance, since the expected waiting time for a final decision can be very long. You may not enter Sweden until you have received the final decision.

Swedish Migration Agency

For studies lasting less than 3 months, a visa is required for students from countries on this list. If your country of citizenship is not on the list, you generally can enter Sweden without a visa.

Countries requiring a visa

As an EU citizen you have the right to live and study in Sweden without a residence permit or visa. If you are staying more than 12 months you should register with the Swedish Tax Agency

Swedish Tax Agency

Insurance and Health Care

All students coming to Sweden must be covered by a valid medical insurance. EU citizens are covered automatically if they bring the EU Health Insurance Card, form E 128 or E 111 filled out by their local authorities.

Uppsala University has taken out a health and accident insurance policy called Student IN with the Swedish Government Agency (Kammarkollegiet), including liability and legal expenses for all incoming exchange students to Uppsala University. The insurance is valid in Sweden throughout the duration of their study period at Uppsala University. Exchange students are strongly advised to bring their own Health, Travel and Accident insurance policy. 

Swedish Government Agency


Housing in Uppsala can be hard to find. Uppsala University has an agreement with the Housing Office to provide furnished housing for students on exchange. You will receive a link from the Erasmus coordinator here at Uppsala to apply for a student room. You will list your room preference, along with a desired location. There is, however, no guarantee you will get housing through the Housing Office.

Uppsala University Housing

Find housing on Studentboet 

After arrival

New students in Uppsala

Every semester, Uppsala University, together with the student nations and student unions, organise a range of activities to welcome our new international students. At the start of each semester there is a Welcome Programme to welcome all new international students. This programme includes:

  • arrival desk at Arlanda Airport with free shuffle service to Uppsala
  • welcome centre in Uppsala with information and welcome package
  • welcome reception with information sessions
  • welcome fair
  • orientation week

It is also important to meet the Erasmus coordinator in Uppsala to get your initial paper work signed. You can also get additional information about getting around Uppsala, finding your courses, and some extra tips about living in Uppsala.

Student life

Student life in Uppsala

The student unions are created and driven by students, for students. The main goal of the unions is to ensure the interests of Uppsala University students are always prioritised and protected. They deal with issues concerning education, health and welfare, equality, internationalisation, housing and economy. They also offer printing and book buy-back services, along with a Buddy Programme.

Student unions

There are thirteen student nations, each dating back to the 17th century. Only students can become a member of the nations, which are responsible for arranging activities and events specifically for students. The nations are great places to socialize and meet both international and Swedish students. They offer some housing opportunities, as well as libraries with course literature. 

Student nations

If you join one or more of Uppsala's student nations and unions, you will get a student card at Uppsala University. This is a discount card for students, as well as a membership card for the student unions and nations. You will need to show this card to get student discounts on public transportation, as well as to gain admission to the student nations. You will get more information about this card at the Welcome Centre. You will pay a fee for the card during your time studying at Uppsala.

Join a student nation or union

Living in Sweden

In Sweden, there is an important identification number called a person number. Through the university, you will get a temporary person number. It is important to remember this number, since you will need to give it for various services. If you are staying for two consecutive terms, you may be able to apply for a Swedish person number, but this is very hard to get as an exchange student. It is also difficult to open a bank account in Sweden when staying for less than a year and without a Swedish person number. You can pay your bills through Forex offices, or currency exchange offices located in central Uppsala.

It is difficult to find part time work in Uppsala. Most international students end up working at the student nations, but the money made there is not substantial. Working at the student nations is more of a way to make new friends and enjoy the nation experience.

The best way to get around Uppsala is by bicycle. It is an easy and cheap way of getting around town. A used bike costs between 600 and 1,000 SEK. It is important to remember Swedish traffic laws; bicycles must have front and back bike lights. While helmets are not mandatory, the university encourages that you wear one. There is also an efficient and modern bus system in Uppsala.

Uppsala bus system

During you study time

The Department of Economic History is located at Ekonomikum Campus which houses research and education in economics and social sciences. Uppsala University has more than ten campuses in total. Your course schedule will show where your courses are located.
Find your campus

How to buy or borrow course literature: 

IT for students - information on student accounts, e-mail, copy/print, WiFi

The grading systems used at Uppsala vary between faculties. Failing grades will not appear on your transcripts. If you pass a course, there is no opportunity to retake the course for a higher grade. 

Grading scales

Studying and stress

If you are ever feeling stressed or home sick during your time studying, it is important to let us know. You can contact the department’s Erasmus coordinator, as well as book counselling times through the Student Health Service. They offer help in English, as well as a drop-in light therapy room. 

Student Health Service

You have all of the rights as a Swedish student during your time studying at Uppsala. This includes the potential to re-examine courses you may not have passed. It is important to keep the department’s Erasmus coordinator apprised of your study progress and if any courses are not what you expected.

Before you leave

It is crucial to check your schedule to see when your final exam is. Since the exams are spread out throughout the semester you might have an exam or re-exam quite late in the semester. Before you book your ticket home, make sure you will be able to attend your exam.

Once you have decided when you will be departing Uppsala, let the Erasmus coordinator know so that your final paperwork can be prepared. This will include updating any aspect of your Learning Agreement and your departure forms. Your final transcripts and final version of your Learning Agreement will be sent to you in the weeks following your time studying here, since it will take time before the final grades are reported.

If you receive a room through the Housing Office, they require a three-month notification if you are planning to leave early and outside of the date of your contract. It is important your room is thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

After your departure

Transcripts and Final Documents

Once you have returned home, you will likely be waiting for final grades for some of your courses. The Erasmus coordinator will be in touch regarding your final transcripts and Learning Agreement. Those will be sent to you once the final grades have been registered.

All done!

You are welcome to stay in touch with us here at the Department of Economic History. We welcome your reflections about your exchange time so we can hear how much you enjoyed your time here, as well as things that we can do better.


Exchange/Erasmus co-ordinator: Sarah Linden Pasay
Phone: +46 18-471 1482

Visiting address: Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, Entrance C, floor 4
Postal address: Department of Economic History, Box 513, 751 20 Uppsala, Sweden

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