Money Doctor's Book Project Workshop (in Paris)

  • Date:
  • Location: Banque de France, Paris
  • Organiser: UU/UCBH, Universidad de los Andes, Waseda University, Banque de France
  • Contact person: Anders Ögren
  • Workshop

The Money Doctors’ workshop gathers a group of researchers interested in monetary and financial topics. Since 2018 we are writing the history of the economists involved in solving practical monetary and financial issues of a country.

The Money Doctors’ Book Project Workshop is focusing more specifically on the theme of money doctors through history aiming at a joint publication. Those economists are money doctors when their involvement includes the observation and diagnostic of the monetary and financial troubles and the proposition of a cure. Following the description made by the French novelist and medical doctor Jean-Christophe Rufin in a 2018 lecture, the process of building a diagnostic, the process of diagnosing is the process of listening to many pieces of information and sorting them against practical and theoretical knowledge in order to diagnose the cause of the trouble and derive the appropriate cure, if it exists. By reference to this description, a “money doctor” is “a person who, helped by theoretical and practical knowledge, advises and/or propose to act on how to build a stable monetary and financial system or to repair ongoing monetary turbulence.”

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