New book "Formalization of Banking Supervision"


Mikael Wendschlag has toghether with Eiji Hotori and Thibaud Giddey published the book "Formalization of banking supervision - 19th and 20th century". Palgrave Macmillan, 2021

"Formalization of banking supervision - 19th and 20th" century on SpringerLink

Contextualizes the history of banking supervision
Brings in new case studies
Illuminates the banking industry

Eiji Hotori is Professor of Japanese Economic History at the Yokohama National University. 

Mikael Wendschlag is Researcher and Lecturer at the Department for Economic History at Uppsala University, Sweden. 

Thibaud Giddey is Postdoctoral Research Associate of the Global Correspondent Banking ERC-project at the University of Oxford.