Application and admission

Open doctoral positions are announced at the University's web and the departments web, usually during the spring with studies commencing in September. Applications should be submitted through the university's electronic application system.


In order to be admitted to PhD studies in Economic history, you must have basic eligibility as well as specific eligibility.

  • Basic eligibility, i.e. a degree at advanced level or a basic education with a minimum of 240 higher education credits of which at least 60 are at advanced level, or substantial equivalent knowledge acquired in Sweden or abroad.
  • Special eligibility, 240 higher education credits in economic history, or substantial equivalent knowledge acquired in Sweden or abroad.

You can read more information in the General Study Plan for Economic History.


Applications can only be submitted for specific advertised PhD positions. These applications can be written in Swedish or English. The documents submitted should include the following:

  • A completed application form
  • A curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A short personal letter (2-3 pages) indicating your research interests and why you are interested in PhD studies at our department. You should also address which research project  you are interested in and why, and/or your own research questions you wish to pursue.
  • Certified transcripts of academic records, diplomas and other relevant documents that prove basic and special eligibility (see above)
  • Independently written academic work (theses). These should be degree papers from D levels (if from a Swedish university), one-year master's theses or theses from a relevant two-year master’s degree.
  • Two letters of reference/recommendation (for example, from university teachers or employers), including contact information.
  • Other documents you wish to invoke, such as scientific articles, books, manuscripts, etc.


An Evaluation Committee assesses the applications and provides a recommendation to the PhD Supervisor group. The selected applicants are interviewed and admission is decided by the Head of the Department after consultation with the PhD Supervisor group at the Department.

Terms of employment

PhD students terms of employment are regulated by the Higher Education Ordinance, Uppsala University, and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100) from the Ministry of Education and Research

Terms of employment at Uppsala University

Information from the Faculty of Social Sciences (in Swedish only)

General study plan

The general study plan is established by the Faculty of Social Sciences and is the main policy document that describes the PhD programme’s content in Economic History. The department has a complementary sub-document to accompany the study plan. The documents are currently only available in Swedish.

General study plan (pdf)

Sub document (pdf)

Individual study plan (ISP)

When admitted an individual study plan must be drawn up for every PhD student. This must be done jointly by the PhD student and the supervisor. The individual study plan must include e.g. a study time plan, a list of courses, financing and potential financiers. The individual study plan is an agreement between the PhD student and the department and must be reviewed and updated annually.

Template individual study plan (pdf)

Last modified: 2022-11-14