Public defense and PhD degree

Book time for public defence

final editing of the doctoral thesis

After the final seminar, the preparation of the final version of the thesis begins. The manuscript will be reviewed and approved by two professors/associate professors before the manuscript is sent to print. The Uppsala University Library has a checklist for and will helpt out with the thesis production.

posting ('Spikning')

Posting ('spikning') has to be done at least three weeks before the public defense. Posting is the process where a summary (abstract) of the doctoral thesis is published electronically in DiVA along with details about the public defence.The doctoral thesis should also be sent as hard-copy to all university departments in the country with research and PhD studies within the subject, to be available two weeks prior to the public defence.

public defence

The doctoral student “defends” his or her doctoral thesis orally and in public where it is scrutinised by an external examiner and judged by an examining committee. The grade given is either pass or fail.

The public defence is opened by the chairperson, who presents the doctoral student, the examiner and the examining committee. It is usually the examiner who provides a general overview of the doctoral thesis. This is followed by a discussion between the examiner and the PhD student, where the PhD student defends the doctoral thesis against the questions from the examiner. The members of the examining committee have the opportunity to ask additional questions before the floor is opened to the audience.


Degree certificates are issued by the Graduation Office upon request from the PhD student.

Conferment Ceremony

The Conferment Ceremony is an academic celebration for those who have received PhDs during the year.

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