Research in business and financial history

This field of research deals with the conditions for entrepreneurship from a historical prespective. Business history studies analyse markets, regulations, organisations and entrepreneurship in political, economic and social contexts. Financial history focuses on the financial sector and its function. At the Department of Economic History we work from several perspectives, macro, sector, industry or an organisational/individual perspective with focus primarily on the period from 1800s onwards. Common sources for information are company archives, statistical compilations and interviews. Swedish examples are mainly used but we have also established international cooperations and exchanges with Europena and Asian researchers. Our research is carried out within or as a collaboration with the Uppsala Centre of Business History (UCBH), a research centre associated with the department.

ongoing projects

Finance-led growth? The role of the stock market in Swedish industrialization, 1863-1938

Project leader: Peter Hedberg I Project description

The Business of Identity. Money and Identification in Twentieth Century Sweden

Project leader: Orsi Husz I Project description

Uses of the Past in International Economic Relations (UPIER)

Project leader: Mats Larsson, Catherine Schenk (Oxford University), Mary O’Sullivan (Université de Genève), Stefano Battillossi (Universidad Carlos III) I Project description

The intimate relationship. A cultural economic history of everyday finances

Project leader: Orsi Husz I Project description

Open Economy Forces and the Welfare State – International Trade, Capital Flows, and Social Policy 1920–2010

Project leader: Henric Häggqvist I Project description

The Impact of Tariffs on the Swedish Economy: Fiscal Policy, Efficient Protection, and Trade Flows, 1783-1914

Project leader: Henric Häggqvist I Project description

The changed role of credit in household economy during the first half of the 20th century

Projektledare: Tony Kenttä I Project description

Masters of flavor: Food invention in high-industrial Sweden

Project leader: Ingemar Pettersson I Project description

The crash in the Allmänna savings banks 1929

Project Leader: Mikael Wendschlag I Project description

Growth, Tradition and Renewal: The Economic History of Stockholm since 1945

Project leader: Tom Petersson I Project description

Fire Insurance in rural Sweden 1734 – 1850. Organization, property and arguments

Project leader: Göran Ulväng I Project description

Born to become a leader? Generation shifts and gender patterns in the Swedish business dynasties 1880-1980

Project leader: Therese Nordlund Edvinsson I Project description

Outside the boardroom: Women, children and family business 1890-1950

Project leader: Therese Nordlund Edvinsson I Project description

Financial Market Regimes, Bank Effiency, and Economic Growth in Sweden, 1866-2016

Project leader: Peter Hedberg I Project description

The Pattern of Swedish Corporate Finance in the 20th Century

Project leader: Peter Hedberg I Project description

The Market of Self-Realization. Swedish Correspondence and Distance Education, 1890s-1970s

Project leader: Orsi Husz I Project description

En fråga om arv: Humankapital och förmögenhet som förutsättning för social mobilitet, Sverige 1880-1950

Project leader: Kristina Lilja I Project description

Savings in the wardrobe - Changes in the value and life cycle of clothes, 1790-1910

Project leader: Pernilla Jonsson (Economic History, Stockholm University) I Project description

The church as a parish banker. Church endowments used for credit in agricultural Sweden 1750-1870

Project leader: Sofia Murhem I Project description