Research in trade, retail and consumption

Since the 1990s, the Department of Economic History has had a tradition of research dedicated to the history of trade, retail and consumption. Present projects conceren retailing, restaurants, consumer credit and material culture. There is also research on foreign trade. These projects cover the period 1750-present. The perspectives applied run from economic theory and business and financial history to the history of culture and ideas.

Ongoing projects

Selling Sweden or letting Sweden sell – Export promotion between the market, state and nation, 1887-1972

Project leader: Nikolas Glover I Project description

The Business of Identity. Money and Identification in Twentieth Century Sweden

Project leader: Orsi Husz I Project description

The Defense of Consumption: Advertising, gender and citizenship in Sweden during World War II

Project leader: Klara Arnberg (Stockholm University) I Project description

The intimate relationship. A cultural economic history of everyday finances

Project leader: Orsi Husz I Project description

The changed role of credit in household economy during the first half of the 20th century

Projektledare: Tony Kenttä I Project description

Open Economy Forces and the Welfare State – International Trade, Capital Flows, and Social Policy 1920–2010

Project leader: Henric Häggqvist I Project description

The Impact of Tariffs on the Swedish Economy: Fiscal Policy, Efficient Protection, and Trade Flows, 1783-1914

Project leader: Henric Häggqvist I Project description

Masters of flavor: Food invention in high-industrial Sweden

Project leader: Ingemar Pettersson I Project description

Shop Windows: Gender and the circulation of commercial knowledge in urban spaces

Project leader: Rebecka Lennartsson (Stockholms City Museum) I Project description

Savings in the wardrobe - Changes in the value and life cycle of clothes, 1790-1910

Project leader: Pernilla Jonsson (Economic History, Stockholm University) I Project description