Here you can find the answers to some of the most common questions, both from students already studying Economic History and prospective students. 

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Higher Education in Sweden

How do I apply to courses in Economic History? What if I miss a deadline?
We only have national admission to our courses and to our Master programme. Please note that all applications are made in Swedish through the Swedish online application system: www.antagning.se. Courses that have spaces left will open again for late application in mid July/December.

My notification of selection results letter says that I am conditionally admitted - what does that mean?
Students that are conditionally admitted with other conditions than fee conditions, cannot register but will be registered by the department if the conditions are fulfilled by the time the course starts. If you are a fee-paying student, you will receive information from the university on how to pay your fees after the final selection.

  • Inform the Course Administrator no later than the deadline for registration if you intend to take the course.
  • Provide the Course Administrator with documentation that you fulfill the requirements no later than the course start.

I have applied and am wait-listed - what happens now?
Wait-listed applicants may be offered a place on a course depending on availability. If we can admitt students from the waiting list they will be contacted by e-mail approx. one week prior to the course start.

I have changed my mind and don't want to continue on the course - what do I do?
If you decide to discontinue on a course within three weeks after the course starts you can apply for the course again in the future. If you terminate your studies three weeks or more after the course you cannot apply to the course again. However, if you want to take the course another semester it is possible to re-register for the course, subject to availability. You can register your discontinuation in My Ladok via the Student Portal.

How do I re-register on a course from a previous semester?
Re-registration on a course is subject to availability by the course start and done by contacting the Course administration.

How can I complete a course from a previous semester?
This depends on how much there is left to complete on the course. It may be enough to write the exam or hand in assignments, or it may be necessary to re-register and take the whole course. Contact the Course Administration. 

Contact Course Administration


What is the Student Portal?
The "Student Portal" has information about your studies. For example, you can find course- and programme pages, schedules, syllabi, study results, you can register for courses and exams.

What is Ladok?
The student registration system "Ladok" contains the following information about Bachelor's and Master's students: name and civic registration number, general eligibility for university studies, admission to courses/programs, registration (presence) on every course each term, credits taken and degrees.

How do I get a Study Transcript?
You can print transcripts from the Student Portal, order online or contact the Course Administration.

Where do I get course books?

How does written exams work?
You must alwyas register for the exam. Students who don't register ill not be able to sit the exam. When registering, you will receive a code that you use instead of your name or civic registration number. You must show valid identification to the invigilator. To read more: Examinations at UU.

Where can I collect my graded, written exam?
Written exams can be collected at Ekonomikum's Reception where they are kept for 2 years. In order to collect your written exam you need to bring a valid ID.

Can I appeal my course grade?
Grades are not subject to appeal. However, you can complete a request form available at Ekonomikum's Reception to have your grading decision reassed if you believe it is incorrect (for example, points may have been added up incorrectly or a question may have been left unmarked). You should in that case only collect a copy of your written exam and leave the orginal at the Reception.

What happens if a student is suspected of cheating or plagiarism?
On suspicion of cheating, the procedure starts with an initial conference where you are informed of the suspicions and have the opportunity to give your view on the matter. The Examiner and Head of the Department will jointly decide further treatment of the matter.

Where do I turn if I need help?
Contact the department if you need to talk to a teacher, Study councellor, Course Administrator, Director of Studies or Head of Department. The University has other channels for support and information such as equal opportunities specialistsstudy and career counsellors, coordinator for students with disabilities, and legal officers. If you need to talk to someone about your physical and mental health, contact the Student Health Centre.

Contact Course Administration