Course registration autumng semester 2022

The autumn semester begins 29 August 2022

Exchange students should contact our Exchange Co-ordinator

This information is aimed at students admitted through the national application system ( /

First notification of selection ⇨ accept
When you receive your first notification of selection results you must reply in the application system order to keep the places you've been offered, or to remain on the reserve/waiting list for the second selection round. Deadline 22 July 2022.

Second notification of selection ⇨ registration
You do not need to reply the second notification of selection, but you must register in Ladok by 22 August 2022.

Ladok for Students

If you are admitted with condition:

  1. Contact the Department by 22 August 2022 to confirm your intention to register on the course.
  2. You must show the department by the course start date that you fulfill the course condition to get registered.

If you are offered a reserve place:
This means that you have been placed on a waiting list. You do not have to contact the department. We will contact you by email if we can offer you a place on the course.

Withdrawing from a course

  • If you decide before you register that you no longer wish to attend a course you can use the decline function in the application system.
  • If you have already registered for a course and no longer wish to attend you must register a discontinuation in Ladok.

Students who need special pedagogical support
If you have a long-term disability that affects your studies, you can get support during your time at Uppsala University. Remember to apply for this support in good time, preferably when applying for a course or programme at Uppsala University.

Studying with a disability at Uppsala University

Student gateway to UU

Contact Economic History

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