Practical information for students

Application and admission

We only have national admission to our courses and our master programme. Please note that all applications are made in Swedish through the Swedish online application system "".

The national application system

Information for incoming exchange students

If there are spaces left in the courses and programmes after the application deadlines closes, they will open agin for late application in mid-July and mid-December respectively, after the first notification of admission. Late applications are handled by the university in the order they are submitted, and as time permits.

Once your receive your first Notification of Selection Results you must reply to your offer to keep your place on the course. This also applies if you are admitted with condition.

Registration and re-registration

Admitted students must register online in Ladok. If you do not register in time you will loose your place on the course.

Students that are conditionally admitted, cannot register but will be registered by the department if the conditions are fulfilled by the time the course starts. If you are a fee-paying student, you will receive information from the university on how to pay your fees after the final selection.

  • Inform the Course Administrator no later than the deadline for registration if you intend to take the course.
  • Provide the Course Administrator with documentation that you fulfil the requirements no later than the course start.

Re-registration on a course is subject to availability when then course start and done by contacting the Course Administrator.

Termination of studies

If you decide to discontinue on a course within three weeks after the course starts you can apply for the course again in the future. If you terminate your studies three weeks or more after the course you cannot apply to the course again. However, if you want to take the course another semester it is possible to re-register for the course, subject to availability. You can register your discontinuation in Ladok.


An examination is an oral or written test that you take during or at the end of a course to demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired in the subject. If you fail to pass an exam you are able to try again at a later date by sitting a retake exam.

Written examinations

The general rule is that you must always register for the exam in Ladok no later than 12 days before the date of examination. When registered, you will receive a code that you use instead of your name as the examinations are marked anonymously by the teachers. You must bring a valid form of identification to the exam hall.

Uppsala University's general information on examinations

Arrangements can be made at the exam for students with disabilities and who have received a written approval letter with recommendations from the University's co-ordinator. It is important to contact the department with the approval letter at the start of the course. 

Support for students with disabilities


Once you have completed your studies relevant for a degree you can apply for a degree certificate. Students graduating in the spring can join the Diploma Ceremony which is held every year in November. The Ceremony is for students at to the Faculty of Social Sciences and arranged by the Department of Business Studies. 

Apply for a degree

Diploma Ceremony at the  Faculty of Social Sciences

Contact Course Administrator

Last modified: 2023-03-14