Pedagogical support

If you have a long-term disability that affects your studies, you can get targeted study support during your time at Uppsala University.

Apply for targeted study support

Support for students disabilities at the University

Adjusted examination

If you need adjusted examination (for example having extended time or a separate room) there is a possibility to sit your exam at a smaller examination centre on Klostergatan 3. You must register for the exam in Ladok, but also inform the Course Administration prior to the registration deadline and send in your copy of the letter with recommended support to ensure we book a place on Klostergatan 3 on time.

​Support for all students

The University offers different types of support to you as a student. Some of the support services are available to all students and are not necessary to apply for. This is the case for example the Reading studio or Text-to-Speech software.

Language resources for students at the University

The University also offers language consultations in both Swedish and English at The Language Workshop. They can for example help with structuring a paper or provide feedback on an oral presentation. This is free of charge!

The Language Workshop

Last modified: 2022-09-09